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Anthro EX #1 Observe

Anthro EX #1 Observe - Gogerdchian,Ali 69198399 41907...

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Gogerdchian, Ali 69198399 4-19-07 Research Exercise #1: Public Observation For this research exercise regarding public observation, I observed the students of UCI and their certain behaviors on ring road. As many already know, this week was elections week on campus; every nominee and their fellow supporters were campaigning as hard as they could to assure a victory. I sat on the couch in the booth of one of the presidential nominees and began to observe what the people where doing. The Booths: - Each booth on ring road has a couch, table, or set of chairs underneath a pitched canopy - Typically each booth has a group of supporters, but most are unwilling to flyer or promote their candidate, so they stay under their canopy and socialize with their fellow supporters - A couple booths have skateboarders - One booth has a two-wheeled skateboarder - A more loyal group of supporters, usually closer friends or campaign team members, will walk around and flyer for their candidate
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