Concert review 3 - Natalie Nguyen Gayl Zhao MUSIC 100...

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Natalie Nguyen Gayl Zhao MUSIC 100 Section 2 Concert Review #3 I attended the Arizona Symphony Orchestra on Septemeber 20, 2008 in Crowder Hall. It was a very spectacular and unique show to watch probably due to the fact that the orchestra had a “bird” theme, and each instrument played a melody that resembled a different type of bird pitch. Being the first time to ever attend an orchestra, it was not what I expected; it was somewhat better. I thought it was very interesting how we got to watch youtube videos on the screen about how the composer composed his music piece by simply listening and watching the birds in nature. Watching the three videos got me amped and very excited to listen to this interesting symphony orchestra. The show opened with the piece “Oiseaux Exotiques (Exotic Birds) with the french horn and trumpet playing in a shrill and sharp minor scale. The xylophone was introduced and the three instruments together played in moderato tempo and made it sound like a lost bird flying around trying to find its way. Then all of a sudden all the instruments in the orchestra played simultaneously in unison. This gave an intense dynamic effect and the tempo changed from moderato to allegro giocoso, which opened
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This note was uploaded on 10/15/2008 for the course MUS 100 taught by Professor Amonson during the Fall '08 term at University of Arizona- Tucson.

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Concert review 3 - Natalie Nguyen Gayl Zhao MUSIC 100...

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