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Group project birdified hunt

Group project birdified hunt - simple slow beats consisting...

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Natalie Nguyen Gayl Zhao September 26, 2008 Music 100 Music Group Project It wasn’t easy coming up with our eccentric music piece. It took lots of time, collaboration, and group effort to finally create our masterpiece. We call it “The Birdified Hunt.” On Friday September 19, my group members: Colleen, Alex, and Jack met up at my place to discuss, plan, and rehearse our new work of art. Before arriving, each group member was suppose to compose a four-measure-long music piece so upon arrival, we would be able to listen to all four pieces and get a feel of what kind of beats to jam to. Our original thought was to somehow incorporate each of our four-measure-long pieces into one 16-measure song. This however wasn’t the best idea due to the fact that everybody’s beats and melody were completely different from each other; some were
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Unformatted text preview: simple slow beats consisting of half notes and quarter notes, while others were allegro sixteenth notes. Since Jack had composed a composition with both piano and percussion beats, we decided to use Jack’s composition as our base music piece. We decided that Colleen and I would play the piano melody, Alex the beat, and Jack would incorporate the “birdified hunt” theme music into the composition. Basing off Jack’s composition, we each branched out and composed our own corresponding melody for the piece. Colleen’s and my piano piece sounds like a delicate, calming melody, while the Alex and Jack’s beat makes the piece extremely interesting with a twist, a birdified hunt twist! I hope you like it!...
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