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Names of contributors/partners Natalie Nguyen, Jackie L'Heureux , David Stanfield, Chrissy Wanduloski Statement of your research question In the upper west stream, there were only high brightness fish with a presence of Rivulus. Why are male guppies brighter in these parts? The hypothesis you were testing (think mechanism) 1) The predator fish, Rivulus, likes less bright guppies A well-labeled tabular form of your data Tank A Guppies Spot Brightness 3 male guppies 18.00 2 male guppies 19.00 3 male guppies 9.00 2 male guppies 7.00 3 female guppies 0.00
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Unformatted text preview: 3 predatory fish - Rivulus------- A well-labeled visual/graphical form of your data Discussion bullets demonstrating your acceptance or rejection of your hypothesis based on your results By day 120, none of the less bright guppies were left since all the less bright guppies were eaten leaving just the bright guppies. A brief description of how you arrived at that conclusion, and how confident you are in your conclusion.-the less bright guppies adapted to the stream since they were all being eaten....
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