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Lab 1 - 3 predatory fish Rivulus-• A well-labeled...

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Names of contributors/partners Natalie Nguyen, Jackie L'Heureux , David Stanfield, Chrissy Wanduloski Statement of your research question In the upper west stream, there were only high brightness fish with a presence of Rivulus. Why are male guppies brighter in these parts? The hypothesis you were testing (think mechanism) 1) The predator fish, Rivulus, likes less bright guppies A well-labeled tabular form of your data Tank A Guppies Spot Brightness 3 male guppies 18.00 2 male guppies 19.00 3 male guppies 9.00 2 male guppies 7.00 3 female guppies 0.00
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Unformatted text preview: 3 predatory fish - Rivulus-------• A well-labeled visual/graphical form of your data • Discussion “bullets” demonstrating your acceptance or rejection of your hypothesis based on your results • By day 120, none of the less bright guppies were left since all the less bright guppies were eaten leaving just the bright guppies. • A brief description of how you arrived at that conclusion, and how confident you are in your conclusion.-the less bright guppies adapted to the stream since they were all being eaten....
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