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Wong Chapter 4 Summary - Becoming a master teacher requires...

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Scott McFarland ED 427 Wong Chapter 4 Summary Teaching – The Helping Profession To be an effective teacher you must fully understand the curriculum that you are supposed to teach to your students and you will model your lesson and unit plans to reflect the district or departments educational goals. Teaching is not a private practice. You are an employee of the district and you are required to follow policies, regulations, and curriculum guidelines. We are in a helping caring profession, a service profession to help children enhance the quality of their lives. Teachers must be flexible and adaptable. Expect to be reassigned to other rooms or even reassigned to teach different subjects. Take responsibility for yourself.
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Unformatted text preview: Becoming a master teacher requires that you collaborate with your colleagues to learn more effective teaching practices. Reach out and grab new and effective ways to become a better teacher. Dont become isolated. Be flexible to help to what is best for the entire educational system or process. The three most important words in education are Listen, Listen, and Listen. If you are a beginning teacher or an experienced teacher, listen to what your fellow teachers, administrators and even students are saying. Listening is the most important communication skill available. When we listen we actually hear what is being said and we can better help or improve whatever situation we are in....
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