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Scott McFarland ED 427 Seminar 2 Wong Chapter 9 Summary Invitational Education – Becoming a More Effective Teacher Dr. Wong’s chapter titled “How to Invite Students to Learn” introduced the concept of Invitational Education. Basically what this means is an effective teacher must ALWAYS strive to bring out the best in everyone around them. It is a belief system that recognizes positive and negative messages and works to summon forth maximum human potential. To do this you must believe that all people possess untapped potential and you need to help those talents to be realized. You must believe that all people, places, and programs can invite people to reach their fullest potential. To do this you must also believe that opportunities are everywhere and a positive self-concept is the product of inviting acts. One inviting act can make a positive difference even if everything else is disinviting. Lastly, you must believe that human potential is always there, waiting to be discovered. You must always maintain a consistent inviting stance or
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