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Scott McFarland Wong Summary Chapter 14 15 October 2007 Clear Directions Make Good First Impressions Chapter 14 refers to the first set of directions that you give to your class. The students will follow them promptly and courteously or they will grumble and argue. Whichever they do could continue all year base on your actions the very first day of school. First impressions are the key to success. Harry Wong says that after you as the teacher greet them at the door with a warm greeting, the students should enter the classroom finding a pleasant environment. They should see Name, Room Number, Period, Class and direction for seating written on the board. Also, clearly stated directions for the first assignment on their desks which will put them to work before the bell even rings. The message you are sending is that you are offering a safe, positive, work orientated environment where every second will be used for learning.
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Unformatted text preview: Wong lists the following steps of an effective teacher. Check the student’s registrations at the door, greet them with a smile, look each student in the eye and verbally welcome and acknowledge them, speak laconically and tell them about seating assignments. Follow this with information about the activity on their desks and ask them to begin immediately. Lastly, Wong mentions that seating arrangements must be determined before seating assignments. When determining seating arrangements you have to know what the students are to accomplish them arrange the desk to maximize your chances for success. Seating Assignments should be done on the first day of school and finished in a matter of seconds. Remember that you are in charge and you will be more effective in the long run if you assign seating....
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