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Wong Chapter 20 Summary

Wong Chapter 20 Summary - Scott McFarland Wong Summary...

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Scott McFarland Wong Summary Chapter 20 5 November 2007 Procedures not Discipline: The Key to Success Harry Wong says that chapter 20 is the most important chapter in the book. The number one problem in the classroom is not discipline but the lack of procedures and routines. There are 3 main reasons why students don’t follow procedures and routines. The teacher has not thought out what happens in the classroom. The students have not been trained to follow the procedures. The teacher spends no time managing the classroom. As a result of this students don’t know the procedures and can’t follow procedures they don’t know. Procedures and Routines should not be confused with Discipline. Discipline concerns how students behave. Procedures concern how things are done. Discipline has penalties and rewards. Procedures have no penalties or rewards. Students must know from the first day of school how they are expected to behave and work in the classroom. Procedures are what teachers want done. Routines
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