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Steve Barrus Ed 427 Wong Assignment Chapter 1 One of the key points of chapter one is that what a teacher does on the first day and first week of school are vitally important to his success for the remainder of the year. The teacher needs to establish consistency with the students by providing a safe, predictable, and nurturing environment. One factor in consistency is control. Control does not mean intimidation but rather (1) knowing what you are doing, (2) knowing your classroom and procedures, and (3) knowing your professional responsibilities. Each of those three points needs to be clearly understood by the teacher before the school year begins. Wong gives the definition of an effective teacher and an efficient one. Efficient is doing things right while effective is doing the right thing. Wong says, “The effective teacher affects lives.”
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Unformatted text preview: Finally, chapter one gives the four stages of a teacher. In stage 1fantasythe teacher believes if he can relate to the students as a friend and have fun he will be successful. Stage 2survivaldescribes the teacher that relies on busy work and ineffective practices to fill class time. They dont care if the students learn or not. Stage 3masteryis represented by teachers that know how to successfully use effective practices, effectively manage a classroom, and have high expectations for the students. The teacher believes he is an important part of the learning process. Stage 4impactis the teachers that make a difference in their students lives and students come back years later to thank the teacher for affecting that change. When the teacher reaches this level he truly is a teacher....
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