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Fundamental curriculum essay - ED-321 P60Educational...

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Unformatted text preview: ED-321 P60Educational PsychologyFundamental Curriculum EssayAugust 2006My Basic Goals as a Future EducatorThe most important educational goal for all teachers is for students to learn. Students must then make this newly gained knowledge and information purposeful and meaningful to them so that it may be retained and useful throughout their lives. It is our responsibility as teachers to create an environment for students that is conducive to learning. There are many theories as to how this must be accomplished. For me, Howard Gardner, Abraham Maslow, Jean Piaget, and Albert Bandura were the most influential in getting there message across to me in a way that I feel I can actually use their theories to promote a positive learning environment. There are similarities and differences in their theories, but for me they send a message that is clear and practical that I hope to incorporate into my everyday teaching style. My basic goals as an educator would be as follows:I must understand that all students are different and that I must be able to accept, adapt, and teach to each and every child. I must understand that some students might not have advanced into certain stages of development and that I need to recognize and teach appropriately.I must understand that children are unique individuals and their strengths in particular intelligences vary from one student to the next.I must understand that children can and do learn from each other and I must create an atmosphere that promotes modeling in the classroom.I must provide a classroom environment that provides for their basic needs. A child must feel safe and confident before he can actively learn.Lastly, students must feel that I genuinely care about them.Abraham Maslows Hierarchy of Needs theory has had a great impact on educational structure. In order to maximize on the effectiveness of school-wide and individual classroom teaching programs, administrators and teachers must consider student needs and their hierarchical order. This must be a top priority in the development of these programs so that students have the capability of reaching their highest levels of potential. For instance, if a student has not had her breakfast before she comes to school, she will not be concentrating on learning; she will be preoccupied with the need for food. Because there are many children who come to school without a proper breakfast, school systems must meet this need by providing breakfast programs so that these children will be more...
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Fundamental curriculum essay - ED-321 P60Educational...

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