First Theorist Paper

First Theorist Paper - ED-321 P60Educational...

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Unformatted text preview: ED-321 P60Educational PsychologyFirst Educational Theorist Paper - PiagetJuly 2006Applying Piaget’s Theory of Cognitive Development in the ClassroomIt is my goal in writing this paper to explain Piaget’s Theory of Development and how we as future educators might improve the effectiveness of teachers and students in the learning process.How does knowledge grow? Piaget spent his life searching for the answer to this very question. His research in developmental psychology and genetic epistemology was directed at elaborating upon a theory of knowledge about cognitive in children also known as genetic epistemology. His answer is that the growth of knowledge is a progressive construction of logically embedded structures superseding one another by a process of inclusion of lower, less powerful logical means into higher and more powerful ones up to adulthood. A child’s logic and modes of thinking are initially entirely different from those of adults.Cognitive development refers to the changes that occur in an individual’s cognitive structures, abilities and processes. Cognitive development could also be...
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First Theorist Paper - ED-321 P60Educational...

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