three - The Silicon Valley Edge A Habitat for Innovation...

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ZZZ UHJLRQDOVWHZDUGVKLS RUJ LQIR#UHJLRQDOVWHZDUGVKLS RUJ The Silicon Valley Edge: A Habitat for Innovation and Entrepreneurship Edited by Chong-Moon Lee, William F. Miller, Marguerite-Gong Hancock and Henry Rowen What is the secret of Silicon Valley? The Silicon Valley Edge , written by researchers and practitioners from the Valley, provides an answer. They argue that what distinguishes the Valley is not its scientific advances nor technological breakthroughs, but rather a special “habitat” or environment that is finely tuned to turn ideas into products and take them rapidly to market by creating new firms. This habitat includes supportive government regulations for new firm formation, leading research universities that interact with talent, an exceptionally talented and highly mobile workforce and experienced support services in such areas as finance, law, accounting, headhunting, and marketing–all specialized in helping new companies form and grow. The authors are leaders from each part of this habitat who reflect on what makes Silicon Valley tick. For the regional steward interested in learning more about the innovative economy, this book provides important information about what makes a region successful today. At the top of the list is the importance of both economic and social networks. The authors point out that in Silicon Valley, networks of specialists form communities of practice within which ideas develop and circulate and from which new products and new firms emerge. One of the key characteristics of these networks is that they usually cross organizational boundaries. We find that innovation is a
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three - The Silicon Valley Edge A Habitat for Innovation...

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