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PSYC 2344 Section #13328 September 5, 2007 Chapter 2 – Theories and Methodology: Harkness and Super’s Developmental Niche Model Harkness and Super express that most of the earlier psychologists failed to include culture or leaned to “keep it at a great distance from the individual” when talking about developmental psychology. Some people could say that those psychologists did not think it had a major effect on a person’s development or that they could not have known much about the cultural side of psychology. Harkness and Super have introduced their concept of child’s development niche. They have conveyed that a child’s culture can affect how they are brought up and how children are brought up differently from different cultures. According to Harkness and Super, there are three components of the developmental niche. Those three components are: 1. Physical and Social Settings of Daily Life, 2. Customs of Child Care and Child Rearing, and 3. Psychology of the Caretakers. In each of these three
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