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Ryan Smith Timers Lab Object : To understand the operation of the 555 chip as a clock signal generator and to learn how to control it. Part I Tw = 4 X 20µs = 80µs T = 6.8 divisions X 20µs = 136µs Frequency = 1/136 X 10ˉ 6 = 7352Hz Duty Cycle = 80µs/136 X 100% = 59% Part II Tw = 3.3 divisions X 10µs = 33µm T = 8.8 divisions X 10µs = 88µs Frequency = 1/88 X 10ˉ 6 = 11364Hz Duty Cycle = 33µs/88µs 100% = 38% Procedure: In Part I I set up the 555 chip with the proper resistors and capacitors
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Unformatted text preview: creating a clock generator. I then observed the period on the oscilloscope. In Part II the only difference was and added diode to the circuit. Conclusion: I found this lab to be very interesting. I enjoyed making the clock generator and actually seeing it function properly. I now completely understand how the clock generator on the CADET Trainer works....
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