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PRACTICE QUIZ : 1. Ron Jons Company Dilemma was: A. How to use airports as a marketing opportunity B. How to use malls as a marketing opportunity C. How to use buses as a marketing opportunity 2. T/F: Utility is another word for “cost” 3. Henry Ford’s contribution in Marketing History occurred in which era? A. The Production Era B. The Selling Era C. The Consumer Era 4. T/F: The Social Marketing Concept maintains that customers learn brands through “word of mouth” 5. Convincing customers that they will acquire greatest value by buying a company’s products rather than competitors is:
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Unformatted text preview: A. Customer Relationship Management B. The Value Proposition C. Competitive Advantage 6. SWOT Analysis: S, W, O, T stand for _____________, __________________, ______________, ___________________. 7. The elements of the Marketing Mix are: A. Product, Place, Promotion and Price B. Sales, Price, Advertising and PR C. Value, Cost, Utility, Benefit 8. Define one career path in Marketing mentioned in Chapter 1: 9. Identify and Explain the parts of a Marketing Plan (2 points)- Lecture and Chp 1...
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