Quiz 2 (Chp 3-4) ANSWERS

Quiz 2 (Chp 3-4) ANSWERS - Name_KEY QUIZ 1 Chapters 3 and 4...

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Name: ____KEY___________________ QUIZ 1 : Chapters 3 and 4 1. Short answer: What was Tupperware’s brand perception problem and what was their campaign to correct it? They were considered an old brand and outdated, not much brand recognition to newer generation. They employed a PR program to make Tupperware appear more “trendy”. Planned adesign contest to come up with innovative ways to use the Tupperware plastic (shoes/headbands, etc). Launched international cookbook with recipies from well-known chefs. Created a video about company history and achievements of women in it. 2. T/F: Codes of ethics are written standards of behavior to which everyone in the organization must subscribe 3. What is Social Responsibility: A. Organizations engaging in activities that have a positive effect on society and promote public good B. Organizations encouraging proper staff behavior by training on the code of ethics C. Organizations engaging in visible campaigns that spread easily by word-of- mouth. 4.
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