Quiz 4 (Chp 7-8) ANSWERS

Quiz 4 (Chp 7-8) ANSWERS - Name_KEY QUIZ 4 Chapters 7 and 8...

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Name: ___ KEY____________________ QUIZ 4 : Chapters 7 and 8 Match the following to the second section: (5 points) 1. ___ E__Positioning 2. ___ B__Discontinuous Innovation 3. ___ D__Demographics 4. ___ F_ The Core Product 5. __ _C_ Targeting 6. ___ J__Segmenting 7. __ _H__Shopping Products 8. ___ G__Psychographics 9. ___ I__Convenience Products 10. __ A__Durables A. Products that provide a benefit over a long period. B. A product that creates major changes in the way we live. C. Evaluating and deciding on market segments to go after D. Statistics that measure observable aspects of a population (ie, age or gender) E. Planning a product’s relative place in relationship to other products within a market F. Represents all benefits a product will provide G. Using psychological or sociological factors to construct market segments H. Products that are selected after “high involvement” I. Products that are purchases with little effort J. Dividing a larger market into smaller pieces using shared characteristics
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