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QuizHomework Chp 9-10 - e What product lifecycle stage is...

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Marketing 310 Homework – Chapter 9 &10 Due Tuesday, Oct 7 th beginning of Class Two Essay Questions Length: Single space 1 – 1.5 pages. 1. Chapter 9 - Branding: Choose a cereal box in the grocery store and make an analysis of the branding (5 points) a. Describe the product and brand. What is the parent company that makes the product? b. What is the target market for this brand and how is that communicated? c. What are the brand extensions of the product? Has this product been re- released with any new or improved qualities? d. Describe the positioning of this product (relevance to competition).
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Unformatted text preview: e. What product lifecycle stage is this product in, and what marketing techniques are taking place due to this stage? 2. Select a familiar service institution such as a bank, a restaurant, or a medical office. Develop marketing strategies for creating a “servicescape” that will be a positive influence on a) customers’ purchase decisions, b) their evaluations of service quality, and c) their ultimate satisfaction with the service. Please focus on the special needs when marketing a “service”. (5 points)...
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