Marketing_3000 - 1(p 178-179 Part of the first step in the...

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1. (p. 178-179) Part of the first step in the marketing research procedure is to: A. gather primary data. B. define the objectives. C. conduct an informal investigation. D. perform a situation analysis. 2. (p. 180) _____ are original data gathered specifically for the project at hand. A. Formal data B. Primary data C. Research hypotheses D. Secondary data 3. (p. 180) One of the biggest mistakes made in marketing research is to: A. use a mail survey without first doing focus group interviews. B. hire an outside agency to gather information. C. collect primary data before exhausting the information available from secondary sources. D. wait to begin the search for primary data until after all secondary data have been gathered. 4. (p. 180-181) Ordinarily, secondary data can be gathered _____ than primary data. A. much faster but more expensively B. more efficiently but at a greater cost C. less quickly and less expensively D. much faster and less expensively 5. (p. 181-183) The observation method of gathering research is most effective for: A. deciding whether to package dog food in a green or a brown bag. B. proving that the ad copy for a all-natural baby food communicated effectively with its target market. C. identifying the target markets for an air refresher. D. determining how people act while waiting in a bank line. 6. (p. 183) Why would a marketing researcher use a survey rather than some other tool to gather research data? A. It is easy to construct questionnaires. B. It is typically a fast way to gather information. C. It is generally a less expensive way to gather information than searching through secondary data.
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D. It is a good way to gather information firsthand. 7. (p. 183-185) Which of the following statements describes a potential survey limitation? A. There are numerous opportunities for errors in the survey construction. B. Interviewer bias can make the survey results unreliable. C. Surveys can be expensive and time-consuming. D. All of the above. 8. (p. 184-185) In which of the following ways is the telephone survey method superior to other survey methods for gathering data? A. the ability to ask as many questions as you want to B. its low potential for sampling error C. both of the above D. none of the above 9. (p. 209) The promotion of convenience goods is: A. a marketing function shared by their manufacturers, their wholesalers, and their retailers. B.
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Marketing_3000 - 1(p 178-179 Part of the first step in the...

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