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Assignment 3 How to Stabilize and Lower Carbon Emission Based on “Climate Change 2007: Synthesis Report. Summary for Policymakers,” changes in fuels we use to general energy and how we personally use energy can reduce emissions as much as the report indicates if everyone works towards making the world green and contributes to reduce carbon emission. As we put more emphasis on energy saving and avoiding the excess, we are slowly taking a huge step to make a difference in the world. A small gesture, like switching off the lights when leaving the room, or replacing old light bulbs with energy-saving ones, has proven to decrease energy intake, and even the cost of electric bill. The installment of solar panels is incentivized by tax break offered by the government. As more and more people recognize the negative impact carbon emission has on our environment, they will individually take steps to reduce carbon emission. I can contribute to a reduction in carbon emissions by 1. Choosing green energy
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