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Personal Computers and Their Uses Course Syllabus – Summer 2008 Course Information Instructor: Mary DeVito Phone: 570.422.3739 Office: 310A Stroud Hall, unless we are in the new building (Science & Technology Building) by then Course Number: CPSC100 Class Time/Place: Distance Education Semester Hours: 3 Email: [email protected] Office Hours: Resources: Textbook: Grauer, Robert T. Exploring Office 2007 (written to Vista), Volume 1, Second Edition. Prentice Hall, 2007. ISBN: 0136070558, the best place to purchase this is the ESU bookstore. Note: This is a special version of this textbook. This course uses a website for all learning activities. The ISBN above is for a book that is bundled with an access code for this website. If you buy a used book, or a book from other sources, you most likely will not receive an access code, which will cost you approximately $45.00 extra to purchase. Course Learning Software: Computer Requirements: The software that we will use in this class requires the following minimum system configuration: Microsoft Windows operating system (XP or Vista) Internet Explorer Web Browser (Firefox will not work) Internet connection – preferably high-speed (e.g., cable modem or DSL) Special browser plugins from You must have administrator privileges on the machine that you will use (this is to install the plugins and controls for the class) An Apple Macintosh computer may work if: o You have an Intel-based (newer) Mac that is configured to dual boot
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between Mac OS and Windows o You have a PPC-based (older) Mac and you have installed virtual machine software like Parallels or VirtualPC Course Overview: This course is designed to familiarize you with the organization/parts of a computer and how computers work. The majority of the course will focus on building skills within word processing, spreadsheet, presentation, and database software. Course Objectives: By the end of the course, you will be able to: 1. Work within a window-oriented operating system to create, modify, copy, move, and delete files, to manipulate windows, to send/read/manage electronic mail, and to access information on the Internet. 2.
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Syllabus - Personal Computers and Their Uses Course...

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