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Topic for short essay 1 and discussion: Global Warming Prepare a short essay for an online discussion on Global Warming. The short essay should include: 1) the data or records that support global warming is in fact occurring; 2) the natural and human-generated causes for global warming; 3) consequences of global warming; 4) the predictions of General Climate Model simulation and IPCC report; and 5) the efforts to slow down the rate of global warming. If you have different opinion about global warming (i.e., the warming trend is natural fluctuation, etc.), please give your idea and supporting evidences. Every student need to send me a short essay on global warming by email at geog120de@aol.com before 7pm, Friday, May 30. Please put your full name (last and first name) in the attached file name, e.g. Smith John-short essay 1. The email subject should be Short Essay 1-Global Warming . The schedule of online discussion is 7-8pm Friday, May 30. We will use chat room or live classroom on WebCT. The
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