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Viola Saleh Short Essay 1 Global Warming is without a doubt affecting our world significantly. Every year, the temperature of both the air and the ocean has been rising drastically. According to NASA's Goddard Institute for Space Studies average temperatures have climbed 1.4 degrees Fahrenheit the world since 1880. There is no doubt the warmth has also been increasing tremendously. Based on a number of climate studies, the last two decades were the hottest in four hundred years Global warming is changing the face of the earth every day. Along with the drastic temperature changes, Global Warming also affects the arctic region. According to the multinational Arctic Climate Impact Assessment report, the temperatures in areas such as western Canada, Alaska, and eastern Russia have risen up twice as much as earlier. Additionally, Arctic ice and glaciers have been melting and disappearing very quickly. An example of this phenomenon is at the Montana's Glacier National Park. In 1910, there were approximately 150 glaciers and now only 27. And a prediction was made saying that by 2040 this region may perhaps have a summer completely ice-free. Polar bears and the people of that region are suffering already from the ice loss. The consequence of Global Warming can be overwhelming. Global Warming may lead to events such as hurricanes and floods. This would lead to the deaths of many marine creatures as well as humans and the destruction of plants and crops. This would result in an increase of energy and insurance costs and a rise in cost of food. Other consequences which would result from Global Warming would be heat waves, wild fires, and other tropical storms. Most people
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do not realize, but Global Warming can have a huge affect on human’s health. For example, on the extremely hot days death can be a huge issue. Deaths may occur due to heat exhaustion, heart problems, and strokes from the extreme heat rise. Another health issue due to heat is a higher concentration of ozone at the ground level which causes damage to lung tissue and makes it harder for people with asthma to breath. While the exact causes of global warming are still being looked into, there are many hypotheses regarding the cause of this phenomenon. Some hypothesis which were formed are based on human caused events such as the carbon dioxide emitted from the burning of fossil fuels in power plants. Additionally, Global Warming can be caused by the carbon dioxide emitted from large vehicles and planes. Another human caused act which may lead to Global Warming is deforestation. Burning down these millions of acres of trees each tree emits hundreds of million tons of carbon into the atmosphere. Global emissions of greenhouse gas grew 70% from 1970 to 2004. Furthermore, there are others which believe that Global Warming is caused by sun shifts. This hypothesis is that the sun can affect the clouds which in turn can change the warmth and coolness of Earth's temperatures. If there are fewer clouds, then the Earth
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final essay combined - Viola Saleh Short Essay 1 Global...

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