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Physical Geography-Syllabus - GEOG 120 Introduction to...

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GEOG 120: Introduction to Physical Geography Distance Education Course Information and Syllabus Instructor: Dr. Shixiong (Shawn) Hu Office: 103A Stroud Email: [email protected] ; WebCT email; [email protected] (backup) Office Telephone: 570-422-3733 Schedule: 8-10am, three Mon. and last Fri. Classroom: 102 Stroud Hall Mail: Dept. of Geography, ESU, 200 Prospect St. East Stroudsburg, PA 18301 Office Hours: by appointment WebCT: Cleo (I) drive: click “WebCT” at the bottom in the row of ESUnetwork. Login username: initials of first, middle and last names plus last four digits of E- card number Login password: last six digits of E-card number. On campus: any lab computer, click my computer -> “I” drive -> I:\Shu\Physical Geography Off campus: Login username: student \(ESU account name, no space after backward slash) Login password: ESU account password Under folder: I:\Shu\Physical Geography Textbook website: 1. Course Description: Earth’s physical geography systems are complex, interwoven threads of energy, air, water, weather, climates, landforms, soils, plants, and animals. This course explores all these aspects of the natural environment, including the atmosphere and hydrosphere (weather and climate, oceans), lithosphere (landforms, earth processes), and biosphere (distribution of plants and animals), and emphasizes the relationships between these spheres. Woven into the class are discussions of weather reports and current events in the world associated with natural phenomena and human interactions. 2. Course goals: a) The primary goal of this course is to gain a deeper understanding of how physical geography systems work and how they are so intimately connected in the earth's natural environment as a whole. 1
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b) The second goal of this course is to learn the mechanisms and natural laws behind the physical phenomena and how to avoid or mitigate the damage from the natural disasters. c) The third and last goal of this course is to apply the knowledge and principles of Earth systems in the textbook to everyday life and real world. 3. Distance education delivery system: a. General description: this course will use WebCT to deliver all the lectures, and to keep the communication between instructor and students. All lectures and other course materials will be also put in the Cleo drive (under the instructor folder: I:\Shu\Physical Geography ) as a backup. The textbook website will be a complement for the study. The textbook website design is very convenient for self study. The useful sections in the website include objectives and key topics of each chapter, major term definitions, self test questions, critical thinking questions, internet search for difficult topics and solve real world problems. The students are required to make best use of this website besides WebCT. b. Delivery of the course content and assignments:
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Physical Geography-Syllabus - GEOG 120 Introduction to...

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