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Practice Questions taken from Bio93 Midterm 1 2007---Answer Key 2. Which statement below is false? a. Function gives clues about construction. b. Tissues are the lowest level of structure capable of performing all of the activities of life. c. White blood cells can recognize bacteria and tell them apart from other cell types. d. Organisms exchange substances and energy with their surroundings. e. Energy exchange is the transformation of energy from one form to another. 3. Which of the following units is used to describe 10 -6 m, about the size of a mitochondrion? a. Micrometer b. Millimeter c. Nanometer d. Picometer e. Centimeter 4. Two hydrogens and one oxygen that have formed ____________bonds form a molecule of water. a. non-polar covalent b. polar covalent c. ionic d. hydrogen e. polar ionic 5. Which can pass directly through the lipid bilayer? a. Nonpolar molecules b. Small hydrocarbons c. Oxygen d. Hydrophobic molecules e. All of the above 6. Which is true about a sodium potassium pump? f. Maintains high extracellular potassium and sodium. g. In each cycle, moves two sodiums and three potassiums. h. Is the main electrogenic pump in plant cells. i. Is phosphorylated by ATP. j. All of the above. 7.
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Bio93-2007-Midterm+1+Key - Practice Questions taken from...

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