Assignment 3 J310 - Levi 1 November 15, 2007 - J310...

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Levi 1 November 15, 2007 - J310 Assignment 3 Maria Bartiromo, for over a decade, has been a primary anchor and public face of CNBC News and is responsible for shaping the news media to be what it is today. Because of her proximity to the people she covers, a new model of journalism has been created. CNBC mandates Bartiromo’s closeness to her sources due to their ratings increasing tremendously ever since her flavor of journalism has included drama in its coverage. This information justifies why CNBC faithfully defended their long time reporter when she was accused of practicing unethical journalism due to her close ties with Todd Thomson, Citigroup’s Chief of Wealth-Management Unit. Bartiromo, who covered Citigroup for CNBC, had an abnormally close relationship with her Citigroup source. Along with many other business-news organizations, CNBC has strict regulations regarding their employees accepting gifts or payments from outside companies as well as in any way compromising their ability to provide news coverage of those companies (Barnes 1). Being that Bartiromo covered Citigroup, her relationship with Thomson was considered completely inappropriate. Mr. Thomson was said to have provided Ms. Bartiromo with plane rides on the Citigroup jet as well as brought her to business events because she was a “business-building tool” among important clients (Barnes 2). Mr. Thomson and Ms. Bartiromo had extremely close ties with one another and justified their relationship as strictly business related. Nevertheless, based on the situation it is hard for the public to concur. Because of Bartiromo playing such a significant role in CNBC’s credible reputation, they
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Assignment 3 J310 - Levi 1 November 15, 2007 - J310...

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