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rr #3 - Rachel Levi Rhetoric 309 S Reading Response#3 Issue...

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Rachel Levi Rhetoric 309 S September 25, 2007 Reading Response #3 Issue: Is it the females of today’s fault that sex is more openly talked about and considered more socially acceptable than it was a century ago? Conclusion: No, the females of today are not the ones to blame. Sex has become considered more socially acceptable at a younger age as well as something that is more openly talked about in society. This is a result of women gaining individual rights throughout the century. Teenagers who were once sexually repressed and were valued by whether or not they were a virgin before marriage later became angry when they were mothers and did not want their daughters to go through what they did. As new generations have been created, an evolution has taken place in the American culture, which sends the message that women now have the same rights as men to decide when they want to lose their virginity. Reasons: 1. A century ago, recognizing a woman’s virginity was the highest value in womanhood. 2. It is now recognized that “modern girls—like adult women—have legitimate sexual desires that need an outlet” 3. Sex is regularly discussed and viewed in the media and sends the message that “sexuality is the ultimate form of self-expression”. 4. Women have evolved over time…a century ago it was considered attractive if a
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girl was naïve and “untarnished by knowledge, or even thoughts” about sex. 5. “A century ago, the hymen was a meaningful membrane with enormous social and emotional value”…today, due to various different reasons, some girls’ hymens break as a result of sports or exercise. In today’s society even if doctors were to check a young girls hymen, there would be no way to prove if it was broken from sexual intercourse or just physical activity.
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