ochem140Aconcepts - Chem 140A(F07 Concepts to review for...

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Chem 140A (F07): Concepts to review for final exam ( may not be all inclusive ) Ch. 1 Structure and Bonding - Octet rule - Lewis dot structures/ Kekule structures/ Dashed-wedge line formulas - Assignment of formal charges - Polar bonds (partial charges on atoms) - Geometry of molecules - VSEPR theory - Molecular and hybridized orbitals - tetrahedral, trigonal, linear geometries of molecules - angles between substituents - Resonance structures - curved arrows - resonance hybrid structures - Types of bonds - sigma and pi bonds - orbital overlap Ch. 2 Structure and Reactivity - Kinetics -activation energy (E A ) - transition state energy - reaction intermediates -energy diagrams - rate laws - order of the reaction - Thermodynamics - free energy ( G) G = - 1.36 log K (kcal/mol) G = H - T S - enthalpy ( H) - entropy ( S) - equilibria, equilibrium constants - Acids and Bases - K a , pKa - factors that influence acidity - electronegativity - size of atoms carrying acidic proton - resonance stabilization of conjugate bases - inductive effects - Identification of functional groups - Alkanes -IUPAC and common names of simple alkanes - recognition of 1°, 2°, 3°, and 4° carbons - Rotational isomers (Rotamers) - Newman projections
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- staggered and gauche conformations - anti relationships between substituents - isomers (constitutional, stereo, conformational)
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ochem140Aconcepts - Chem 140A(F07 Concepts to review for...

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