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CrmJ 365 – Juvenile Justice/Corrections Fall 2008 - First Exam Review Sheet Bernard and the Cycle of Juvenile Justice Know the steps in the cycle of JJ according to Bernard 1) Perception that Juvenile crime is high a) Punishment is too harsh or too lenient 2) Leads a to Forced Choice 3) Reform is sought 4) Continue to perceive Juvenile crime is high a) Lenient punishments are the problem 5) Calls to “Get Tough” on Juvenile crime a) Many harsh but, few lenient punishments 6) Perception of high juvenile crime remains Cycle begins again at # 1 Why does the cycle happen? There is an increase in the perception that there is an increase in juvenile crime. They then begin to blame the lenient for high crime rates. Response is harsher punishments until punishments become too harsh and public thinks time does not fit crime. Cycle begins again. When did it start? 200 years ago What influences the cycle? The public’s perception of the juvenile crime rate, Also related to media portrayal. History of Juvenile delinquency in the US? What are the different ideas/theories of Juvenile Delinquency over time? What’s “forced choice”? The “Unfair Comparison?” Forced choice- the choice between harsh punishment and doing nothing at all Unfair Comparison-a comparison between an optimistic, idealistic assessment of the future, based on the actual performance of the policies. Know the different Myths. 1) More JD in the past than today “The Myth of Progress” 2) JD was the same in the past “The Myth that Nothing Changes” 3) Less JD in the past than today “The Myth of the Gold Old Days” Know the ideas about children/juveniles over time 1 st Idea was of Children as Enjoyment Then as Potential Adult, must be shaped a) Naturally inclined to evil b) Malleable as young
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c) Will lead to a God-fearing society The Evolution of Childhood Historical Treatment of Children
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365 exam 1 review_08 - CrmJ 365 Juvenile...

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