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Bernard – Chapter 1 Cyclical Pattern in JJ policy 1) Perception that Juvenile crime is high a) Punishment is too harsh or too lenient 2) Leads a to Forced Choice 3) Reform is sought 4) Continue to perceive Juvenile crime is high a) Lenient punishments are the problem 5) Calls to “Get Tough” on Juvenile crime a) Many harsh but, few lenient punishments 6) Perception of high juvenile crime remains Cycle begins again at # 1 “Ideas Drive the Cycle” - Not REALITY 1) Juvenile crime is high 2) JJ policies are part of the problem 3) Changing JJ policies will reduce J crime 4) Ideas of Juvenile Delinquency 5) Ideas of Juvenile Justice Bernard argues for Rational JJ Policy
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Course will examine specifics of the Cycle and the ideas of JD and JJ behind it Also look at the history & operation of the Juvenile Justice System Bernard – Chapter 2 Philosophies vary over time
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Unformatted text preview: Impact Laws for JD & JJ Ideas about the Past (JD & JJ) Dont reflect reality Three Possible Myths about JD 1) More JD in the past than today The Myth of Progress 2) JD was the same in the past The Myth that Nothing Changes 3) Less JD in the past than today The Myth of the Gold Old Days Which is most common? Whats the impact of holding this Myth? Whats changed? Whats the same? Things that stay the same probably cant be changed Things that have changed before will likely change again The Role of Philosophy as Context Fish in a bowl To have influence Ideas and Policies must Make sense (agree with what we think) Hang together (consistent) Appear rational Be coherent The Role of Law in JD & the JJ System Historical Context of JD/JJ Laws is important The cycle of JJ happens because people repeat the past, rather than learn from it....
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01_introjuvcor_o - Impact Laws for JD & JJ...

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