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04_MeasJD_O1 - 7 Part 1(Index and Part 2 Crimes 8 Strengths...

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Measuring Juvenile Delinquency Mays & Winfree - Chapter 1: Juvenile Delinquency and Juvenile  Justice  Defining delinquency: The basics 0. What is delinquency? 1. Legal definitions 2. Any distinctions between felonies and  misdemeanors? 3. Status offenses Who is a juvenile? 4. Minors 5. Majority age 6. Infant (or infancy) 7. Juveniles Who is a delinquent? 8. Social definition 9. Legal definition
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Measuring delinquency 10. How much delinquency is there, and how do we  know? 11. News media reporting – influence on fear and  perceptions of crime rates 12. Moral panics 13. The government’s role in crime reporting Social science research 14. Scientific research  0. autonomy 1. accuracy 2. reliability 3. validity 4. generalizability 5. peer review Reporting Systems for Delinquency 15. Uniform Crime Reports (UCR)  6. What is it?
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Unformatted text preview: 7. Part 1 (Index) and Part 2 Crimes 8. Strengths and Weaknesses 9. Trends over time? 16. National Crime Victimization Survey 10.Tries to get at unreported crime 11.How do they do it? 12.Strengths and Weaknesses Other Data Sources 17. National Juvenile Court Statistics 13.Nearly 1 Million cases in 1995 14.Largest in was drug cases (from 1986) 18. Self-Reports 15.Ex. - National Youth Survey 16.Useful for Theory Testing 17.Uncovered Middle/Upper Class offending 18.Under-represents serious offending Responding to delinquents and delinquency 19. Informal versus formal responses 19.Parents, Diversion, etc vs. Courts 20. Specific Agencies 20.Law enforcement 21.Courts 22.Corrections 21. We’ll cover each of these in detail...
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04_MeasJD_O1 - 7 Part 1(Index and Part 2 Crimes 8 Strengths...

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