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05_TheoryJD_O1 - Explaining Juvenile Delinquency Crime Mays...

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Explaining Juvenile Delinquency & Crime Mays & Winfree, pgs. 44-56 Theoretical Perspectives on Juvenile Justice Lipsey, et al. (1998) Timeline: Crime/Deviance Theories 0. Ancient Societies – Naturalist Theories Phlegm, bile, etc 1. The Demonic Era – Devil, Sin, Morals 2. The Enlightenment Era – Reason Rational choice, free will 3. Early Biological Theories (1800’s) Lumbroso- evolutionary throwbacks 4. Early Psychological Theories (1920’s) 5. Social Structural Theories (1930’s) 6. Social Process Theories (1930’s/70’s) 7. The “Integrative” Era? Explaining delinquency, Part I 8. Natural Explanations vs. Spiritual 0. Ancient Societies & the Dark/Middle Ages 9. Crime and Deterrence – Cesare Beccaria 1. The Enlightenment Era & Free Will 2. Reason, Pleasure Seeking = Rational Choice
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10. Crime and Biology – Charles Darwin & Cesare Lombroso in the 1870s Lombroso used Darwin’s ideas of Evolution for explanation of crime 3. Also Sheldon (1940) & Glueck’s (1950) Ectomorphic body types-skinny, non-criminal Endomorphs-fat, happy, jolly
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