Exam_Review_Sheet_Two - REVIEW SHEET EXAM TWO Ch. 4, 8, 9,...

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REVIEW SHEET EXAM TWO Ch. 4, 8, 9, 10 This study guide is designed to help you organize your studying and review key concepts. This is not all inclusive and the chapters should be read in addition to your notes from lecture. Other things that may help you include: reviewing lecture notes and chapters in the book being able to identify all vocabulary words at the end of each chapter and provide examples the tests are more than definition, knowing how to apply the concepts is also an important part of exams Chapter 4 – Developing through the Life Span 1) What do developmental psychologists study? 2) What occurs during prenatal development? What are the differences between a zygote, embryo, and fetus? 3) What are teratogens? What is FAS and what are some of its effects? 4) Describe some of the newborn abilities: rooting reflexes, preferences for faces, sounds, etc. 5) What other cognitive developments are occurring during infancy? 6) Understand the concept of habituation. What is maturation? 7) Understand what is meant by a “schema.” 8) Understand the difference between assimilation and accommodation. 9) Describe Piaget’s 4 stages of cognitive development, and understand what occurs in each stage (see table 4.1 on pg. 148 for help): Sensorimotor (object permanence, stranger anxiety) Preoperational (pretend play, egocentrism, language) concrete operational (conservation) formal operational (abstract logic, moral reasoning) 10)What is theory of mind? 11)What is attachment? Describe Harlow’s monkey experiment. What did this tell psychologists about why attachments are formed? 12)What is the critical period in social development, imprinting?
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Exam_Review_Sheet_Two - REVIEW SHEET EXAM TWO Ch. 4, 8, 9,...

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