assign-c - ² Say which constituent is an immediate...

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P  . M  K  : L  20. F  2007. Assignment C [Week 4] (Do exercises for a total of 20 points) [C1.] (10 points) Here are some a xes: / pre / , / al / and / pro / . Determine for each of them ± whether they are prefixes ( = added before the word) or su xes ( = added after the word), ² which word class they can be a xed to, and ³ into which word class the result falls. Give at least two examples of their use in each case. Further, disect the word / fundamentalism / into a root plus a xes as best as you can. Do the same for / experimental / . [C2.] (10 points) Let the following sentence be given: (1) Some squirrels are faster than Paul. ± Try to establish the constituents of this sentence, by doing some substitution tests.
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Unformatted text preview: ² Say which constituent is an immediate constituent of which other con-stituent according to your analysis. ³ Draw the tree corresponding to your analysis. [C3.] (10 points) Let the following context free grammar be given. The start symbol is S, the nonterminal symbols are S, A, B, C, D, E and F. S → BC (2a) B → DE (2b) D → the | some (2c) E → student | mouse (2d) C → FB (2e) F → watches | criticizes (2f) ´ Give one complete derivation of a string. ± Can you give standard names for the constituents of this grammar? (Use the grammar at the end of Lecture 8 for such labels.) ² Describe the language generated by the grammar S → anti S missile | missile...
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assign-c - ² Say which constituent is an immediate...

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