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P  . M  K  : L  20. F  2007. Assignment D [Week 5] [D1.] (10 points) Consider the verbs / assign / , / request / , / arrive / . For each of these verbs answer the following questions. ± Is the verb transitive? Does it take an indirect object? ² What kinds of DPs and PPs does the verb take? ³ Which of the DPs and PPs are optional? In answering the questions, be aware of the fact that verbs can engage in di erent constructions. Thus, some argument even though required in one construction need not be present in another, so you need to be specific!
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Unformatted text preview: [D2.] (10 points) Consider the following sentence (1) The governor vetoed the construction of the big bridge. ± Determine the constituents according to X-bar syntax. ² Which of the constituents is a zero-level projection ( X ), an intermediate projection ( X ), a maximal projection (XP)? ³ Draw the full tree structure. Use simplified labels only for the constituents (major category and projection level). (Start with CP.) Notice that one and the same surface constituent can have several labels....
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