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Rhetorical Analysis - Chris Barrett English 1106 February...

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Chris Barrett English 1106 February 5, 2008 Rhetorical Analysis “A Coach’s About-Face Transforms a Team” by Harvey Araton was reported in the sports section of the New York Times issue on February 5, 2008 in congratulations to the New York Giants, champions of the football world for the 2007-08 football season. Araton brings to light many interesting topics about this New York Giants team, specifically about its now hailed Super Bowl champion coach, Tom Coughlin. Coughlin, the same coach that Giants fans had been calling to be removed from his position the last three years because of his “inability to win the big game,” is now being embraced as one of the greatest coaches that this Giants organization has ever seen. Araton points out that the Giants took no easy road to this championship series, having won 11 road games in a season of a possible 12 (counting the Super Bowl) very much similar to the championship Pittsburgh Steelers of Super Bowl XL. To put this season into perspective for non sports fans, after the Giants started out 0-2 this season, sportscasters and Giants fans everywhere were calling for this man to be fired because the season had the looks of another underachieving and or complete and utter-failure of a season that has plagued the organization in recent years under Coughlin. The issue that Araton stresses is Coughlin’s ability to change his ways from what his old-school coaching styles to a strategy that better fit this team age range. Araton, a New York native brings an interesting perspective to this topic as he can relay to the rest of the sports fans that read the New York Times and really have no idea of the situation in New York. Although this situation that Coughlin went through isn’t something
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Rhetorical Analysis - Chris Barrett English 1106 February...

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