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midterm-2-sol - Ling 20 Fall 2007 Prof M Kracht Midterm II...

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Ling 20. Fall 2007. Prof. M. Kracht Midterm II. Y  N  : Y  UID: Y  TA: No material is admitted except paper and pencil. Remember to write legibly. There is a maximum of 50 Points. The midterm is worth 10 % of the overall score, less than a single assignment. So do not panic! Total number of points: 50 Your Score: Question 1. (5 Points) In the following sentences, name the subject, the object and the indirect object if present. (1) The priest drank the wine hastily. (2) The dean awarded a prize to the student. Answer: (1) Subject / the priest / , Object: / the wine / , (2) Subject: / the dean / , Object: / a prize / , the student / . Remarks. Subject, object and so on are grammat- ical notions and refer to constituents. This is why it is not acceptable to say that the subject of (1), say, is “priest”. I have awarded no penalty for that, because these points are naturally confused elsewhere. Also, it is debatable if the direct object is / to the student / . I counted both answers as correct. Question 2. (5 Points) Determine for the pronouns listed below the gender (an- swer ‘any’ if the word is unspecified for gender) and number, and case (nom(inative), gen(itive) or acc(usative)) and say whether they are reflexive or not (answer ‘yes’ if they are reflexive, and ‘no’ otherwise). If more answers are possible, list them. gender number case reflexive we any pl nom no himself masc sg acc yes them any pl acc no Remarks. Many people answered ‘genitive’ for the case of / himself . Also, singular and plural are formal categories, and it is not admitted to confuse them with “one” and “2 or more” or “more than one”. Half a point o ff if you did. That that applies also to “masculine” (formal) as opposed to “male” (semantic). 1
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Ling 20. Fall 2007. Prof. M. Kracht Midterm II. Question 3. (8 Points) Draw an X-bar-tree for (1) up to the VP. ( hastily is an adverb, so it modifies a projection of the verb.) Solution.
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