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Unformatted text preview: Marketing Plan Playbox 1080 MKT421 - Marketing December 18, 2006 Organizational Overview Founded in 1977 America's fourth largest video game retailer Maintains a base of brandloyal supporters The newest game console: Yoo Product launch during 2006 Holiday season Mission Statement Playbox 1080 provides the best possible video game products through creativity and originality. We are technology leaders working on the cutting edge and will not follow others. Our customers demand the most innovative and entertaining products with quality that will not be surpassed. Playbox 1080 respects our customers as partners and pledges continuous innovation, unsurpassed value, unwavering reliability, and true teamwork. Yoo Console Projections Significant sales Increasing profitability 15% ROI easily meet or exceed. Unit Sales (cumulative) Yoo System Profit Playbox 1080 Market Share 0-1 Year 2.1 million $139.35 million loss 15% 1-5 Years 13.3 million $428.3 million 26% 5-10 Years 15.8 million $846.1 million 38% Consumer Satisfaction Ratings Major Constraints 1st Year: $139.35 million loss projected Long term profitability: game sales, hardware peripherals, and product licensing Profits from Playbox 1080 handheld product line will offset initial losses External Environmental Factors Economic Fluctuation Ever Changing Technical Environment Cultural and Social Political and Legal Target Market Segmentation Variables Geographic World region or country Continental U. S. Density Urban, suburban Demographic Age Gender Family life-cycle Behavioral Benefits User status Loyalty status Attitude toward product 18 - 44 Male, Female Young, single, married w/children or w/o/ children Quality, service, convenience, innovation Ex-user, potential user, first time user, regular user None, medium, strong, absolute Positive, indifferent, negative Segmentation Dimensions Video Gaming Segmentation Data point Percentage Notes Percent of Americans that Play Video Games Percentage of Male Buyers Percentage of Female Buyers Percentage of Gamers between ages of 25 and 44 Percentage of Gamers over age 18 60% 57% 43% 60% 97% (145 million Americans) Majority of gamers Majority of gamers Competitor Analysis Competitor Competitor Competitor Competitor #1 #1 #2 #2 Yoo Yoo Playstation Playstation Xbox 360 Xbox 360 3 3 Console Console (Microsoft) (Microsoft) (Sony) (Sony) (Playbox (Playbox Rating Weighted Rating Weighted 1080) 1080) Key Industry Weighting Extensive 0.4 distribution Customer 0.3 Focus Economies 0.2 of Scale Product 0.1 Innovation Totals 1 Rating 6 4 8 10 28 2.4 1.2 1.6 1 6.2 5 6 5 9 25 2 1.8 1 0.9 5.7 4 7 5 10 26 Weighted 1.6 2.1 1 1 5.7 SWOTT Analysis Strengths Brand recognition Customer satisfaction Large gaming software range Opportunities Expand target audience Holiday marketing benefits Expanding peripheral and software sales Weakneses Initial $139.35 million loss Smaller market segment Numeros high quality products from competitors Threats Local and global competition Technology becomes obsolete rapidly Increasing demand for cuting edge technology Trends Cellular phone integration Marketing Research Primary Data Warranty Registration Card, blog, surveys, interviews, and observation Market Analysis Incorporated, industry journals, competitors annual reports corporate database Secondary Data In-house Marketing Department Product Strategies Futuristic look and comfortable controller Convenient for travel Durable and impact resistant Integrated control of "cheat codes" Large memory storage Connects to IPODs/MP3 players Online/Hot Line customer support Place Strategies Intensive Distribution: Indirect channel - one intermediary level Web sites Attractive financing Members include department stores, gaming stores and wholesalers Well defined distribution policies Barcode inventory tracking Promotion Strategies Mix: advertising, personal selling, sales promotion, publicity, and website. Push promotion Differentiation positions Yoo as versatile, easy to use, value added product "Yoo should be playing" Price Strategies Sales oriented Fixed price for the console Focused on product value and image Price flexibility: games/accessories Holiday Bundle promotions Forecasting and Estimates Timing Launch during 2006 Holiday Season Monthly customer feedback evaluations Sales growth for the first three years Console and game improvement based on consumer feedback Timing Ga n t t Cha r t Ye a r by Qu a r t e r Ta sk Q1 Rollout / Launch of Yoo Gam e Console Yoo Gam e Console I nt roduct or y Phase Yoo Console Proj ect ed Growt h Phase Yoo Console Pr oj ect ed Mat urit y Phase Yoo Console Proj ect ed Sales Decline Phase Reduct ion in Pr ice of Gam es and Accessor ies by $5 each Holiday Gift Mar k et ing Schem e Begins Holiday Mark et ing Schem e ends Q2 2006 Q3 Q4 Q1 Q2 2007 Q3 Q4 Q1 Q2 2008 Q3 Q4 Le ge n d Milest one m ar ker st art Milest one m ar ker end Gant t bar Ke y D a t e s Buy SmartDraw!- purchased copies print this document without a watermark . 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