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Economic Impact of the Horse Industry

Economic Impact of the Horse Industry - Economic Impact of...

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Economic Impact of the Horse Industry on the United States Breezi Higgason
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The horse industry is a very large and important part of our national, state and local economies. It is diverse, involving agriculture, business, sport, gaming, entertainment and recreation. Horse care and maintenance are central mechanisms by which the economic impacts of horse ownership are transmitted to local economies throughout the state. Owners purchase feed, materials, and services for horses on a regular basis. Their purchases represent demand for farm products, supplies, and a variety of technical and professional services. The first expenditure category, veterinary fees, includes routine veterinary services such as vaccinations, deworming, and equine dental care. However, the cost of surgery and other major medical expenses not incurred on a regular basis are not included. The farrier category includes the cost of shoeing and hoof trimming. Grooming and supplies reflect expenditures for items such as brushes, currycombs, fly spray, and coat conditioners. Tack expenditures include the cost and maintenance of saddles, bridles, and related accessories. This category also includes horsemen's wearing apparel. Feed and bedding expenses include the cost of hay, grain, feed additives, vitamin and mineral supplements, pasture maintenance, and straw and shavings used for bedding. Insurance costs include premiums for horse liability, mortality, loss of use, surgical, and vehicle insurance. Travel and lodging are the expenses of traveling to and from
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