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Discipline/ field of study: Focus: the study of organizations and organizational differences Looking at: management process, organization design and organizational members Branches of (divisions within) the organizational science Macro- organizational behavior Micro- organizational behavior Macro organizational behavior: Focus: the study of organization and their management process Roots: Psychology: complex organizational sociology administrative and management theory Micro organizational behavior Focus: the study of individuals as organizational member Roots psychology: org psychology and social psych Macro and micro- organizational behavior Seeks to understand Seeks to enhance organizational effectiveness Both ask: o Why do organizations do what they do? o Why do they engage in the behaviors that they display Micro OB Seeks to answer that question by looking inward to the behaviors engaged in by its employees (members) OB model Context- setting or environment Concepts of an organization: Context of management only Key questions: Why organizations exist Why are there so any different types What are the different types Why are there o many of the same types? What are they? (Different ways to think about them) All societies have multiple needs, these give rise to organizations Organizations come into societies to help its needs
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Talcott Parsons Societal needs give rise to organizations o Typology used to split up the different needs Social needs: give rise to organizations Every society has an adaption need- a need for goods and services o Adapt to its environment o Production (goods and services) organization Goal/ value attainment need o What it stands for, agriculture goals and values (fairness vs. freedom) o Political organization- articulate to Maintenance or continuity need o Sustain itself across time o Socializing organizations use to socialize the next generation (ex. Museums, schools) Integration need o Resolve internal conflicts (you vs. your parents) o Stability maintenance organizations (ex. Army, marines, airforce) o Different socieatal needs (reason for being) organizational differences ( type and anatomy, production, bureaucratic) People/ organizations specialize to find a societal need to focus its everyday needs There are multiple organizations that do the same thing in order to suit the needs of society There are geographic distances Organizations- are tools, instruments, a machine (inputs through output services) : designed to complete a particular achievement Interconnection between people and their work Organization as a: Socio-Technical system: harder to manage o 2 systems both have needs and needs that have to be met all at once o Ex. John Menard with race car needs to fund the car (technical system), but he needs to have a team (social system) A set of recipes o Specify how things should be put together A structure of mutual expectations
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Org. Behavior test 1 notes - Discipline field of study...

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