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Laura Freeman 9/18/2008 After visiting both John McCain’s and Barack Obama’s websites, I have concluded that Barack Obama would be the better International Business president. I unfortunately had to choose Obama, because McCain is only focusing on building the Iraqi government. It is extremely important to do whatever it takes to get our troops home, but what about our business with other countries? Obama on the other hand, has included other countries besides Iraq into his foreign policy agenda. Obama is willing to meet with all nations to discuss various issues and wants to help educate individuals in poverty stricken nation in order to develop markets and generate wealth. He also wants to secure new partnerships in Asia, which could lead to more stability and prosperity and wants to make sure that China plays by
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Unformatted text preview: international rules. Obamas main focus seems to be on helping all countries to have a more stable economy. He wants to reduce disease and poverty in Africa and help strengthen their democratic institutions in order to help make their economy stable. He also wants to work with Latin America/ the Caribbean and Cuba. Obamas biggest mission that he is trying to accomplish is a trade policy that works for all people, in all countries. He believes that trading with other nations will strengthen the U.S. economy and help create more American jobs. If Obama can accomplish the things he claims he wants to accomplish we would be doing more international business than we are doing now by interacting with more countries....
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