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Acids Review-1

Acids Review-1 - moles of Sodium Benzoate in 5.00 liters of...

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Organic Acids Benzoic acid is used as a food additive.  It is as a preservative and prevents the growth  of bacteria. Benzoic acid has a pK a  of 4.20 . 1.     What is the  K a  of Benzoic acid? 2.     What is the pH of a solution that has 2.5 moles of Benzoic acid in 1.00 liters of  solution? 3. .     What is the pH of a solution that has 2.5 moles of Benzoic acid and 1.00 
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Unformatted text preview: moles of Sodium Benzoate in 5.00 liters of solution? 4. What is ths pH if the above buffer solution is diluted to 10.00 liters? 5. What is the molecular (molar mass) of a monoprotic organic acid if a 2.00 gram sample requires 30.00mL of 0.090 M KOH to reach an end point in a titration?...
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