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phys2a quiz10 - Physics 772A test 10 June 4 '04 Prof. Dubin...

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Unformatted text preview: Physics 772A test 10 June 4 '04 Prof. Dubin Please see the tear—off portion of the page for quiz version (A,B,C, or D). Please mark this version letter on your scantron form. You must return the tear-off portion with the scantron form, but you can take the questionaire home. MULTIPLE CHOICE. Choose the one alternative that best completes the statement or answers the question. 1) A mass m = 7.0 kg is attached to a spring and allowed to hang in the Earth's gravitational field. The spring stretches 2.0 cm before it reaches its equilibrium position. If allowed to oscillate, what would be its fr .7 ,4 equency Norm 1.... .5 M1 L7 ~ K r 1 “1 \ j 8‘ A) 0.29 x 10-3 Hz B) 0.53 Hz < 6 3.5 Hz Q D) 1.7 Hz 2) An object undergoing simple harmonic motion has an amplitude of 2.3 m. If the maximum velocity of the object is 14 m/ 5, what is the object's angular frequency? w : M : l q : (2 FL;- X I (2. I 3 S Wt K 3 l .> k: 3.30.» I’m/aft k A) 6.1 rad/s ‘ B) 4.9 rad/s C) 6.7 rad/s D) 5.5 rad/s K. 3) The period of a simple pendulum in a grandfather clock on another plartét is 1.62 5. What is the acceleration due to gravity on this planet? Assume that the length of the pendulum is 1.00 m. ' T:- lTl' a”? :7 Let L: “I; I? (l: '5 “11/32 /3 3 ‘ 3T1" A) 14.0 m/s2 fl 15.0 m1 5%,) C) 18.0 m/s2 D) 16.5 m/s.2 4) A physical pendulum consists of a long thin rod of length 10 cm, hanging from one end. What is period of its small oscillations? ___ K 1 i _ , new 700 I: avg/~3— - any/rm“ '- N‘ i“ :9‘77/ [1 A) 2 sec B) 12 sec 606?) D) 0.8 sec K _,» A—l tear off this section and return _ Code number \\'§< 5) A torsional oscillator consists of a horizontal disc of mass 50 g and radius 3 cm, whose center hangs from a vertical wire. The torsional constant of the wire is K=0.002 N—m. What is the period of torsional oscillations? wkzyg: 15.nooLA/Iwy r fimrrfibm)‘ , "P «1:29.98 2) 71%:~— \J B) 1.1 sec ma \ H/ 6) A 27-kg child bouncing on a trampoline can be roughly modelled as a damped harmonic oscillator. If the C) 0.53 sec D) 1.8 sec height that the child bounces to (the oscillation amplitude) drops to —1— its original value in 1.8 5, what is the .. l) {2‘ [l M 3 value of the damping constant? __ I _..\ € -3 @411 Iz’/ r (A) 33 kg/s 1. B) 43 kg/s C) 40 kg/s . 7) A mass m=1 kg slides along a frictionless horizontal surface at speed 2 m/ s. It strikes a massless spring of constant k=9 N/ m, compresses it, and bounces off of it. What is the maximum compression of the spring? D) 36 kg/s F‘a‘t A) 1.2 m C) 0.65 m M x W A—2 ...
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This note was uploaded on 10/18/2008 for the course PHYS 2A taught by Professor Hicks during the Spring '07 term at UCSD.

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phys2a quiz10 - Physics 772A test 10 June 4 '04 Prof. Dubin...

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