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Favorite Chapter - Joseph A Hrinda Social Psychology 261...

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Joseph A Hrinda Social Psychology 261 May 16, 2006 Favorite Chapter Chapter 2 My favorite Chapter in Social Psychology was Chapter 2, “The self in a social world.” This chapter opened my eyes to the reality of me. I have not taken the time to just stop and question myself until now. This chapter helped me in discovering my self- esteem, self-control, and my self-concept. This particular chapter in this course revealed and relinquished my social identity. My overall view of my identity has changed thus evolving me to be capable of recognizing how it is I impact society. The question to who am I, still ponders in my mind. I find myself contemplating on who I am or who I am not allowing myself to be. My potentials are no longer limited to what I once classified myself as being. Now I see myself as an inverse relation to self-handicapping and my desire for success is at an optimal level in my life. But who am I.
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