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Shamanic attitude - Midterm Part One The multifaceted...

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Midterm Part One The multifaceted nature of shamanism makes a “shamanic attitude” very difficult to define specifically. The differences between shamanic cultures can make one shaman’s attitude seem very different than another. However, when looking at The Woman In The Shaman’s Body by Barbara Tedlock, there are many universal aspects of shamanism which might indicate what a shamanic attitude may be at its core. Tedlock’s writings suggest that the integration of self-awareness, a healing intention, and conviviality with nature is a solid basis for a shamanic attitude. To really understand what the shamanic attitude is, it is important to know the meaning behind these terms. Sacramental intention is essentially using spiritual energy and powers only to heal, which can mean using tools such as dreams, herbs, psychedelics, natural processes, or any other number of things. It is vital that the shaman is devoted to the healing process, and that they perform it without involving their ego or other personal motivations. Awareness is a much broader concept, but in the context of the shamanic tradition it means mostly that the shaman must be in tune with their body and their natural state while at the same time achieving a balanced awareness of their outer surroundings. This allows them as a healer to be balanced, which in turn allows them to
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Shamanic attitude - Midterm Part One The multifaceted...

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