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Unformatted text preview: 9-19-08 Quiz 3 1. What kind of linkage forms between a carboxyl group and a hydroxyl group? a. glycosidic b. ester c. peptide d. phosphodiester 2. Which of these "R" groups would make an amino acid nonpolar? a. H b. CH2COOH c. CH2CH2NH2 d. CH2OH 3. A protein that composed of three separate strands of polypeptides joined in a cluster has a: a. 1o structure b. 2o structure c. 3o structure d. 4o structure 4. Which of these has the most energy content for a given amount? a. glucose b. starch c. glycogen d. triglycerides (lipids) e. protein 5. A plasma membrane is held together primarily by: a. covalent bonds between the P-lipid layers. b. hydrophobic interactions c. transmembrane proteins d. unsaturated bonds in P-lipid tails e. hydrophilic interactions 6. An example of a transmembrane protein is: a. microfilaments of the cytoskeleton b. collagen c. integrins d. fibronectin of the ECM e. glycolipids 7. The structural level of a protein that is due to internal H-bonding attractions is: a. primary b. secondary c. tertiary d. quaternary 8. The only bio-molecule(s) that contain(s) phosphorus: a. carbohydrates b. lipids c. proteins & phospholipids d. nucleic acids e. phospholipids & nucleic acids 9. _________ occurs when a protein changes shape due to disruption of H-bonding. a. Hydrolysis b. Stabilization c. Denaturation d. Renaturation 10. ________ is a protein complex that assists in the final processing of other proteins. a. Proteoglycan complex b. Chaperonin c. Quaternary protein d. Integral protein e. Protoprotein Key: 1b; 2a; 3d; 4d; 5b; 6c; 7b; 8e; 9c; 10b ...
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