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Uncovering past experience music ed - Brandon P...

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-1 Brandon P. Williamson “Uncovering Past Experience” MUS 177 Although my development as a musician began early in elementary school, it was not until my junior year of high school that I realized that I would like to make a career out of my hobby. The 11-year process that brought me to this conclusion had it’s musical ups and downs, but yet, music was my only constant during that period of time. This was particularly important to me because of the experiences that I had moving around as a military child. From kindergarten Music class to Honors Band in 12 th grade, music has always been a guiding light in my life. My love for music had its beginnings in my early childhood, when the seemingly long days of elementary school were brightened only by the fact that one had “special” classes every day; Mondays may have been PE, Tuesdays for Art, Wednesdays for Library, etc. The one class that I always looked forward to, however, was Music. In Music I was allowed to express myself through the joy of song, something which I’d always been fond of. I knew that no matter where I moved, I would always have at least this one thing to look forward to. When I moved to Colorado in the 3 rd grade, it was discovered that I had a particular talent for singing. This fact, which at first was only known by myself, my teacher, and my class soon came to be widespread as I was repeatedly asked to sing the Star-Spangled Banner for school functions. I joined the school choir the next year and was thrilled to receive the honor of singing a large solo piece during the school’s Christmas concert. Starting in the 4 th grade, my Music teacher began to personally train me in the art of singing. Also during the 4
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This note was uploaded on 03/18/2008 for the course MUS 177 taught by Professor Mills during the Spring '08 term at Michigan State University.

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Uncovering past experience music ed - Brandon P...

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