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Homework 2 (Due September 17) 1.[page5,3]NQ1(a,b). 2. [page 5, 3] NQ 3 (b, c). (For b, the wage rate is the marginal product of labor. For c, you can ignore the hint but simply double capital and double labor.) 3.[page5,3]NQ4(a,b,c). 4. [page 6, 3] NQ 5. 5. [page 6, 3] AQ 1. 6.[page7,3]AQ3(a,b). 7. Refer to the example in point 5 of Handout1. Let
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Unformatted text preview: A 8 but maintain other parameters. (1) Compute k t for t from 0 to 4. (2) Compute y t for t from 0 to 4. (3) Compute the growth rate of y at t for t from 1 to 4. (The growth rate of y at t is y t / y t − 1 − 1). (4) Compute k ∗ ( k in the steady state)....
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