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Conf4 - worker for simple work will probably choose worker...

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(A) Table 1: Unemployment Statistics by Gender, Race and Age Adult Men 4.0% Adult Women 3.8% Whites 3.9% Blacks 8.5% Hispanics 5.8% Teenagers 15.7% We can see from the Table 1 that percentage of unemployed Teenagers is 15.7%, when the whole unemployment is 41.7%. The labor force unemployment excluding teenagers is 26%. The teenagers’ unemployment rate is 3/8 of the whole unemployment. (B) Teenagers are the unemployed group, which directly affected by proposed minimum wage, compared with any other demographic group (e.g., adult males). Of course lower minimum wage for teens will lower their high unemployment rate because: Teenagers have relatively few job-related skills and would like to receive the minimum wage. When the minimum wage for teens is lower, the employer, on the assumption of need the
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Unformatted text preview: worker for simple work, will probably choose worker, which is low-paid. In this case more teens will have job and will be called-for. (C) If there was a lower minimum wage for teens, of course there would be some effect on the supply of low-skilled labor. A lot of foreign people come to the USA to the low-skilled vacancies for a minimum wage. Maybe if the minimum wage for teens was lower the employer would choose a teenager, not a foreign worker. An employer will choose for low-skilled job teenager too. But of course, not for every low-skilled job, because adult people are more accurate and responsible for their work. I think, that in general minimum wage has more effect on teenagers than on adult (including young adult)....
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