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Microsoft Word - B essays - The essays below received a...

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The essays below received a grade between 80 and 89.
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M. P. Prof. Grant English 1102 21 April 2007 Rules on Life Rules have many significant meanings throughout the world. A rule is most commonly defined as a principle or regulation governing conduct, action, procedure, arrangement, etc. Well, let us look at two major parts of this definition, commonly and governing conduct and action. Rules are most commonly known as a principle, something that is recognized by most and there is no debate whether it is true or not. A rule is a regulation governing our actions. There are many different standards of what regulations should be put on our actions and what people’s limitations should be. Why does the grandmother obsessively talk about rules and make rules for the people close to them? The grandmother sets up rules between her and the grandfather which serves as separation barriers between them . In the article, “The Theory of Leisure Class” by Veblen, points out “in which there is a considerable subdivision of industry, and whose laws and customs secure to these classes a more or less definite share of the product of their industry” (Veblen Conspicuous Leisure). This quote shows that leisure activities and material objects separate society, revealing that wealth is still a divider. The grandmother sets up rules where her and her husband can not be together, known as nothing places. She creates guidelines where material objects come between them so that they can have their space by themselves. The rules provide a distance between their relationship and they begin to have a lack of communication. Veblen shows how material objects separate people in the sense that the rich stay with the rich and the poor stick with the poor because America is all about being comfortable with their surroundings and the opposite social class usually create a sense of tension. It also relates with the grandmother and grandfather’s rules with each other. They allow themselves to set material objects as boundaries between them, making them uncomfortable when they are together; much like Veblen describes how material objects make people comfortable with themselves and their surroundings. Since there are so many areas where they are not allowed to be together it pulls them apart, just as Veblen states humans use material things to separate themselves, between the rich or poor, both separations pull people away from each other. The rules and regulations people set between each other, such as the grandmother and grandfather, does not allow a person to experience life to the fullest because they set boundaries on what they can and cannot do. The grandmother is from Germany and moved to America in search of a new life; however, she is not like the rest of the Americans, so she begins to try and conform to American ways through magazines . The grandmother comes to America only speaking German, which is primarily an English speaking
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Microsoft Word - B essays - The essays below received a...

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